How To Get A Georgia Bonded Title For A Car in 5 Steps

Find out how to a bonded title for a car in Georgia in 5 easy steps with

If you’re in Georgia and you have lost, are missing, or have incomplete and/or lack of proof of ownership for your vehicle, you may be required to obtain a bonded title. A bonded title is identical to an original title with the exception that a surety bond is attached to a bonded title. Luckily for vehicle owners, getting a Georgia bonded title is a straightforward process that can be broken down into five steps.

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Step 1: Find Out if You Are Eligible for a Bonded Title

To find out if you are eligible for a bonded title, contact the Georgia Department of Revenue. They can also answer any questions you may have about getting a title and how the application process works. To qualify for a Georgia bonded title, you must be a legal resident of Georgia and the vehicle being titled must meet the following requirements:

  • Vehicle must require a Georgia title
  • Model year must be 1986 or newer
  • Cannot be an abandoned vehicle

Step 2: Determine Your Bond Amount

To determine your bond amount, you may call the Motor Vehicle Division at (855) 406-5221. In some instances, your County Tag Office may also be able to help determine your bond amount. The Motor Vehicle Division typically uses Black Book to determine the appraisal amount of a vehicle.

The bond amount will be twice the value of the vehicle being titled. If your appraisal amount is less than $2,500 your bond amount will be $5,000 – the minimum bond amount required in Georgia. For example, if your vehicle is valued at $3,200, your bond amount would be $6,400 and the premium that you pay will be a small percentage of that number.

Step 3: Purchase a Surety Bond

Once you know your bond amount, you should contact an insurance company to purchase your certificate of title bond. These bonds are almost always able to be purchased instantly at a minimal cost. More information about surety bonds for titles, including how much they cost, can be found by visiting our Georgia certificate of title page.

A title bond is required if the principal (current owner of the vehicle) does not physically possess the title to his or her newly purchased vehicle. If the principal is unable to prove ownership of the vehicle due to a missing car title or stolen or defective documentation, there is an option to provide appropriate security in the form of a bond. By posting this Georgia title bond, the principal is guaranteeing to the obligee requiring the bond that the vehicle was not stolen or fraudulently sold.

Step 4: Complete Necessary Paperwork

Before you can apply for a vehicle title, there are a few forms to be completed by the applicant. The following forms must be submitted to the Department for the application to be considered complete:

Step 5: Apply for Your Georgia Bonded Title

Upon completion, your application materials and an $18 application fee should be delivered to your local County Tag Office, at which point your Georgia bonded title will be issued. Since a bonded title works the same as an original title, you are seen as the rightful owner of the car and are free to do with it as you wish.

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