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Outdoor Advertising Bond Guide

Outdoor advertising bonds are frequently required for those who construct billboards near highways, roads and other public areas. Learn how they work and where to get one in this complete guide to outdoor sign surety bonds.

What Are Outdoor Advertising Bonds and Who Needs Them? 

Many advertisers who maintain and construct outdoor signs must purchase surety bonds. Outdoor advertising bonds ensure advertisers adhere to all applicable laws regarding the construction, placement, adjustment and removal of signs. 

This bond is also referred to by the following names:

  • Sign license bond
  • Sign permit bond
  • Sign contractor bond

How to Get Your Billboard Advertising Bond  

SuretyBonds.com provides the fastest and easiest outdoor sign permit bonding process:

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  • Step 3: Receive your bond via email instantly and file it with the obligee. 

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How Do Outdoor Advertising Bonds Work?

These surety bonds are a type of license and permit bond. That means they’re required before you can be licensed in the outdoor advertising industry in certain states. 

The surety bond contract legally binds three parties:

  1. Principal: The individual or company purchasing the bond
  2. Obligee: The state government agency requiring the bond
  3. Surety: The insurance provider issuing the bond

How Much Does an Outdoor Sign Permit Bond Cost?

Outdoor advertising bond costs and requirements vary greatly because regulations are established on a state level. Your exact premium price will vary depending on the amount of coverage your state requires. 

Outdoor advertising business bonds start at just $100 for a one-year term in Mississippi. In Texas, however, the bond amount and price vary based on the number of counties in which you construct or maintain billboards. 

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