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Information on Outdoor Advertising Surety Bonds

SuretyBonds.com is legally licensed to issue sign license bonds in every state. Whether you work in Mississippi or Texas , we can bond you!

Outdoor advertisers who maintain signs such as billboards must purchase surety bonds. These bonds ensure advertisers adhere to all applicable laws regarding the construction, placement, adjustment and removal of advertising signs. If an advertiser fails to do so, the bond amount can be used to pay for the costs associated with the removal of any sign unlawfully erected or maintained. These bonds are most frequently required of those who construct billboards near highways, roads and other public areas.

This type of surety bond is known by many different names.

  • Sign license bond
  • Sign permit bond
  • Outdoor advertising bond
  • Sign contractor bond

All of these bonds work the same way no matter the specific title found at the top of the bond form. The surety experts at SuretyBonds.com know surety bonds can be confusing, so we’ve developed this guide to bonding for outdoor advertisers.

State Specific Costs

Outdoor advertising bond costs and requirements vary greatly as the bond amounts and regulations surrounding each license are established on a state level. Select your state below for more information about outdoor advertiser bonds in your area or call 1 (800) 308-4358 to speak with a surety expert.

Pay a Low Rate for Your Sign License Bond

Your exact premium will vary depending on the amount of coverage your state requires. If you don’t know how much coverage you need, our surety specialists can help you. SuretyBonds.com works with the nation’s top underwriters, which means our specialists have access to some of the lowest surety bond rates in the market. Get a free, no-obligation price quote today!

Bad Credit? No Problem!

Most states use generic license and permit surety bond forms when requiring these bonds, which means we can typically issue these bonds without a credit check. If your state does use a specific bond form, your application might require a credit check. Don’t worry if you have bad credit, though, because SuretyBonds.com has an exclusive Bad Credit Program that allows us to approve 99% of applicants regardless of credit history. Get the bond you need no matter your credit score!

Get Your Bond Fast

SuretyBonds.com offers fast, easy and accurate bonding services. If your state uses a generic bond form, we can complete the entire purchasing process in minutes over the phone. Your account manager will issue your bond once you’ve paid your premium. You’ll get a copy of your bond immediately via email, and you’ll get the original form in the mail via your preferred shipping method. If you’re in a rush, choose our overnight shipping option.

Learn More About Outdoor Advertising Bonds

The last thing drivers consider during a road trip is how billboards and other signs are regulated. However, if you’re involved in the outdoor advertising business, these regulations are something you must be informed of. Perhaps you work for an advertising firm that rents billboard space, or maybe you’re a state employee who works with transportation or advertising on behalf of the government.

These bonds are standard license and permit bonds, which means they’re required before you can be legally licensed in your industry. This type of bond insurance involves three parties.

  • Principal: The individual or company required to purchase bond insurance.
  • Obligee: The government agency requiring the bond to ensure outdoor advertisers adhere to laws regarding sign construction.
  • Surety: The underwriter that issues the bond and back's the principal's ability to uphold the bond's terms.

To determine whether you need to be bonded, contact whatever government agency regulates outdoor advertising in your state.

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