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Pawnshop Bond Guide is the nation’s top surety provider. We offer the best service, fastest delivery and most affordable pawnbroker bond prices in the industry.

What Is a Pawnbroker Bond?

Pawnbroker bonds ensure that a pawnshop complies with government regulations and protects its clients from potential fraud or theft. For example, if something happens to someone’s property that is being held as collateral, the surety bond will compensate the claimant up to the full bond amount.

How Much Does a Pawnbroker Bond Cost?

Your exact pawnshop bond price will depend on the bond amount, its associated risk, the state you work in, and your financial credentials. Individuals with good credit can typically expect to pay a premium between 1.5% and 5% of the bond amount

This means that qualified applicants who work with could pay as little as $150 for a standard $10,000 pawnshop bond. Apply now for a personalized quote.

Why Do I Need a Pawnbroker Bond?

These bonds are required on a state level as a part of the pawnbroker licensing process. Pawnshop bonds act as a financial guarantee that you will follow government regulations. If the bond terms are violated, the surety provider will compensate the claimant up to the full bond amount.

Can I Get a Pawnbroker Bond With Bad Credit?

Yes, offers a bad credit bonding program which helps us approve 99% of applicants. Applicants with poor credit should expect to pay a premium of 10-20% of the bond amount due to higher risk.

How Do I Apply for a Pawnshop Bond?

We provide the nation’s fastest and easiest pawnshop bond application process. You can apply in four quick steps: 

  1. Submit your application online or over the phone. 
  2. Get your free quote within 24 hours.
  3. Pay through our secure online checkout or via phone. 
  4. Receive your physical and digital bond forms.

Once you purchase your bond, you’ll receive an instant copy via email and the original documents via mail. If you need your bond tomorrow, choose overnight shipping at checkout.

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