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Washington, D.C. Notary Bond

$50.00 / 5-year term

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How much does a $2,000 notary bond cost in Washington D.C.?

Washington DC notary bonds cost $50 and are issued instantly online for five years. Packages that include errors and omissions coverage are also available. Including errors and omissions insurance with your bond ensures you are NOT held personally liable for mistakes made while notarizing documents. Visit our blog for more information on this essential coverage.

Purchase your DC notary bond online or give us a call at 1 (800) 308-4358 to get bonded instantly for as little as $50!

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$2,000 Notary Bond No Errors & Omissions $2,000 $50
$2,000 Notary Bond $10,000 Errors and Omissions $2,000 $90
$2,000 Notary Bond $20,000 Errors and Omissions $2,000 $110
$2,000 Notary Bond $30,000 Errors and Omissions $2,000 $130

Why do I need a notary bond in the Washington DC?

Notaries in Washington, D.C. must post a $2,000 surety bond prior to being commissioned and conducting business.

Washington, D.C. notary bonds protect the public and state from financial losses and other consequences resulting from a notary’s wrongdoings or mistakes. The bond makes sure proper compensation is given to an individual harmed as a result of errors or mistakes committed by a notary while on the job.

How long are DC notaries commissioned?

Notaries are commissioned for five years in accordance with Title 1 Section 1201 of the Code of the District of Columbia. The notary certification is only valid in the District of Columbia. The Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications (ONCA) approves and commissions individuals as DC notaries.

How to become a notary in Washington D.C.

All applicants must be 18 years or older and must submit and prove the following in an application to the Office of the Secretary:

  • Live or work in the District of Columbia
  • Provide a $75 application fee
  • New applicants or notaries who have not renewed their certification must attend orientation

Before submitting the application, applicants can find the answers to many questions by referring to the Notary Public Handbook.

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