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Utah Contractor License Bonds

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How much does a Utah contractor license bond cost?

Utah contractor license bond costs start at $150 annually. Your personal premium will be provided after a quick application review. Your exact cost will vary depending on your Utah contractor license classification and its required bond amount. 

How do I get a contractor license bond in Utah?

You can apply for your Utah contractor license bond online 24/7. Choose the bond amount required for your license classification and provide the following information for Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing filing approval:

  • Individual contractor/construction company name
  • Address
  • License type
  • Company owners, if applicable

Once your order has been processed, your official Utah surety bond will be delivered by email.

How fast can I get a contractor license surety bond?

Our industry leading technology and responsive customer service team allow us to deliver your official Utah contractor license bond faster than any other surety company. Utah contractors who place orders by 4 PM CST Monday-Friday typically receive same-day emailed bond delivery.

If you have questions about the Utah contractor license bond or your application, call 1 (800) 308-4358 to speak with a friendly surety expert. We're here to guide you through the contractor bond process so you can get back to running your business.

Bond Type
$15,000Contractor License Bondall other license classifications
$25,000Contractor License BondR100 Residential/Small Commercial Contractor License Classifications
$50,000Contractor License BondB100 General Contractor and E100 General Engineering Contractor License Classifications
$1,000-$500,000Contractor License Bondat the Construction Services Commission's discretion, 20% of annual gross distributions
$5,000Cottonwood ID Wastewater Collection System Contractor Bond
$5,000Well Driller Bond
$1,000Industrial and Manufacturing Special Use Permit Bond
$1,000-$100,000Magna Metro Township Improvement Completion Bond
$10,000City of Provo Excavation Bond
$5,000Granger-Hunter Improvement District Permit Bond
$10,000Pleasant Grove License and Permit Bond
$10,000City of Murray Excavation Bond
$10,000City of Springville License and Permit Bond

What is the purpose of the Utah contractor license bond? 

Utah Code Annotated 58-55-306 requires individuals file a surety bond when applying for a new, renewal, or reinstated state contractor license. Form DOPL-AP-041 is officially titled "Appendix Form D: Contractor's License Bond and requires contractors comply with the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act when contracting their construction projects. 

Why are Utah contractor license bonds required? 

This Utah surety bond is required to become a licensed contractor in Utah. By filing this bond, you agree to comply with the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act while working as a construction contractor. If you fail to do so, your bond protects the state, individuals, firms, and corporations who experience losses resulting from your violations. Your issuing surety company will pay valid claims up to your full bond amount, which you must reimburse.

Who needs a Utah contractor license bond?

All individuals applying for new, renewal, or reinstated Utah state contractor license must demonstrate their financial responsibility to the state, which can be done by purchasing and filing Utah state surety bond form DOPL-AP-041.

Who regulates licensing for Utah contractors? 

The Utah Department of Commerce Division of Professional Licensing enforces state license requirements for contractors. If you have questions about your existing state license or a new licensed contractor application, you can contact the Division by calling 1(801)530-6628 or emailing [email protected]

What bond amount do you need for your Utah contractor license bond? 

Your required bond amount is based on your construction contractor license classification. 

  • The R100 license classification requires a $25,000 bond amount.
  • The B100 and E100 license classifications require a $50,000 bond amount. 
  • All other license classifications not stated above require a $15,000 bond amount. 
  • If the Utah Construction Services Commission requires a bond to ensure your tax payments, your bond amount will be 20% of your annual gross distributions.

Need a surety bond for a construction project in Utah?

This Utah contractor license bond is required for state general contractor licensing. If you need a surety bond before you can begin work on an individual contracted project, you might need a bid bond, payment bond, performance bond, or other type of contract bond. If you work in states other than Utah, we also offer contractor license bonds nationwide.

How do I get a contractors license in Utah?

Learn How to get a Utah Contractor License by reviewing our comprehensive guide.

You must meet the following Utah contractors license requirements and complete the following steps to submit your licensed contractor application. 

  1. Complete the Utah DOPL contractor license application.
  2. Complete the pre-license education requirements.
  3. Classify your contractor license specialty, if applicable. 
  4. Purchase general liability insurance.
  5. Register your business with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.
  6. Get your Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN).
  7. Follow the state guidelines for Workers Compensation Insurance or a waiver based on whether or not you have employees. Individuals with employees might have extra steps they're required to follow. 

If you're applying as a general contractor, you must also provide the following.

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