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Car Wash Bond Guide offers the best service, fastest delivery and most affordable prices for car wash surety bonds. Learn more in this complete guide to car wash bonding. 

What Is a Car Wash Bond?

New York City and the state of California require car wash owners to file surety bonds to ensure payment of employee wages. Car washes in these jurisdictions must be bonded to be legally licensed and operational. 

These bonds also protect consumers by making sure car wash operators maintain healthy and safe environments.

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How to Get a Car Wash Surety Bond provides the fastest and easiest bonding process for car wash owners in New York City and California:

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  • Step 3: Receive your bond and file it with the obligee. 

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How Much Do Car Wash Bonds Cost?

California and New York City car wash bond amounts are both set at $150,000. Annual premium costs start at 1–3% of the total bond amount, which equals $1,500–$4,500 for applicants with excellent credit. 

However, each application is subject to underwriting to determine exact pricing based on your credit score and other financial factors. 

Can I Get a Bond With Bad Credit? 

Yes, we offer a Bad Credit Bonding Program to help approve 99% of applicants! If you have poor credit, you may need to provide additional financial information for underwriting and should expect to pay a higher premium at 3% or more of the bond amount. 

How Fast Can I Get My Bond?

You can get your digital car wash bond documentation same day with You'll also receive a physical document set in the mail which you must file with the obligee. Choose overnight shipping to get your bond as soon as possible.

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