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Car Wash Bonds: Requirements, Costs, and State Resources

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Learn More About Car Wash Bonds

New York City and the state of California require car wash owners to file surety bonds to ensure payment of employee wages, which means they're required for car washes in those jurisdictions to be licensed and legally operational. Car was bonds can also protect consumers by making sure car wash owners maintain healthy and safe environments.

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How much will my car wash bond cost?

California and New York City car wash bond amounts are both set at $150,000. Annual premiums for highly qualified applicants start at 1-3% of the total bond amount. Application underwriting, which includes a review of the car wash owner's credit, is required to price each bond.

SuretyBonds.com also offers an exclusive bad credit bonding program, which means we can approve 99% of applicants regardless of credit. Nonstandard applicants with poor credit might be required to provide financials for underwriting and should expect to pay premiums calculated at 3% or more of the bond amount. Because they guarantee financial payments, car wash bonds cannot be financed.

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How do I apply?

SuretyBonds.com provides every client with a fast, easy, and accurate surety bond process.

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How fast can I get my bond?

You can expect a same-day document issuance when you purchase your car wash surety bond. You'll receive a copy of your bond via e-mail, and you'll receive your physical document set in the mail. Choose our overnight shipping option to get your bond as soon as possible.

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State-Specific Car Wash Bond Resources

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