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Talent Agency Bond Guide 

Individuals and businesses who manage clients in the entertainment industry are required to obtain a surety bond in states like California and Florida.

What Is a Talent Agency Bond?

Talent agency bonds financially guarantee talent agents will comply with all relevant regulations. They protect entertainers and performers from financial loss if an agent mishandles or misappropriates funds. 

How Do Surety Bonds Work for a Talent Agency? 

If a bonded talent agent conducts business unlawfully, the surety bond protects harmed parties from financial loss. 

For example, if an agency withholds payment from a performer, the individual can file a claim and seek financial compensation up to the full bond amount. The surety will compensate the individual and then seek reimbursement from the agent to cover all losses. 

Who Needs a Talent Agency Bond?

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists-franchised agencies outside of California must obtain a SAG-AFTRA Talent Agency Bond. 

If you are a SAG-AFTRA-franchised agency inside California, you must be bonded as such. All other talent agencies in California must obtain a standard talent agency surety bond.

State-Specific Bond Information

Learn more about talent agency licensing and bonding requirements in California and Florida: 

How Much Does a Talent Agency Bond Cost?

Some talent bond premiums are a set price for all applicants while others require underwriting review. 

  • Florida Talent Agency Bonds set at $5,000 cost just $50 per year, with the required 2-year term bringing the premium total to $100.
  • California Talent Agency Bonds set at $50,000 require underwriting to determine pricing. In most cases, applicants with good credit will pay just 1% of the bond amount, or $500 annually. Request a free quote today to find your exact price. 

Talent agency bond premiums cannot be financed.

Can I Get a Talent Agency Bond with Bad Credit?

Don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting the bond you need. Our Bad Credit Bonding Program helps us approve 99% of applicants. Apply now to see if you qualify.

How Do I Get My Talent Agency Bond? 

SuretyBonds.com provides every client with a fast, easy and accurate bonding process.

  • Step 1: Apply online or call SuretyBonds.com to speak with an expert.
  • Step 2: Receive your free quote within one business day. 
  • Step 3: Pay for your bond online 24/7. 

How Fast Can I Get My Bond?

You can get your talent agency bond same-day with SuretyBonds.com. Since both California and Florida allow digital bond filing, you'll instantly receive your official document via e-mail once it is issued. 

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