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Telemarketing Bond Guide

The telemarketing industry enforces rules and regulations to prevent customer harassment. Most states require call centers and phone solicitors to maintain a surety bond as part of business licensing to ensure compliance with regulations. is legally licensed to issue telemarketing bonds in every state. Wherever you work, we can bond you!

What Is a Telemarketing Bond?

A telemarketing bond, or phone solicitor bond, is required for call centers before they can obtain licensing to call into certain states. For example, a licensee must acquire a Florida telemarketing bond before they can make solicitation calls into Florida. 

These bonds are not insurance for the call center, but instead serve to protect the state and public consumers. 

Telemarketing Surety Bond Requirements by State

Telemarketing bond insurance requirements vary greatly depending on each state’s regulations. Most states require phone solicitors to provide bond coverage between $25,000 and $50,000. However, some states require a bond amount as low as $10,000, while other states require $100,000 of coverage.

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How to Apply for Your Phone Solicitor Bond

At, we offer the best service and fastest delivery for phone solicitor bonds. You can easily get your bond using these steps:

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  4. Receive a digital copy of your bond immediately in your inbox and your original bond form in the mail via your preferred shipping option (if required). 

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How Much Does a Telemarketing Bond Cost?

Telemarketing surety bond premiums are calculated based on the following factors: 

  • The bond amount 
  • The applicant’s financial records, primarily credit score
  • The associated risk of the product(s) being sold

Costs typically start at 1% of the total bond amount. For instance, phone solicitation bonds in Texas are $100 for $10,000 in coverage and $100,000 telemarketing bonds in California start at $1,000 for qualified applicants. 

Bad Credit? No Problem

With our Bad Credit Surety Bonding Program, approves 99% of applicants. No matter your circumstances, our experts will work with the top markets nationwide to find the lowest rate available. 

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Learn More About Telemarketing Bonds

Three parties are involved with every telemarketing surety bond:

  1. Principal: The telemarketing company or individual that purchases the bond as a guarantee they will conduct business per state regulations
  2. Obligee: The state government agency that requires the bond from the principal to reinforce industry licensing regulations
  3. Surety: The insurance provider that issues the bond and financially backs the principal’s ability to fulfill the bond’s requirements

The exact expectations of a telemarketer bond vary depending on the specific bond form, but generally, they provide consumer and government protection against call center companies that blatantly choose to ignore laws or accidentally break a law due to oversight.

Bond Renewal for Telemarketers

Telemarketer bonds are usually valid for one year and need annual renewal to remain active and compliant. Some of our bonds are eligible for multi-year terms which can save you up to 25% on your premium. 

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