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New Hampshire Auctioneer Bond

How much does an auctioneer bond cost in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire auctioneers are required to post a $25,000 surety bond.

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Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
$25,000 Auctioneer Bond $25,000 $450 for 2 years Buy Now
*The bond premium rate quotes provided to you through this website are for pricing comparisons and quotation estimate purposes only. The bond rate quotes provided are based on general assumptions that may or may not be applicable to you and are subject to change at any time. These rate quotes do not constitute an offer of insurance, nor is any contract, agreement, or bond coverage implied, formed or bound by the provision of rate quotes. Bondability, final bond premium rate quotes and an offer of insurance, if any, will be determined by the insurance company providing your bond. You must contact us directly to obtain a quote for binding purposes.

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Why do I need this bond?

New Hampshire auctioneer bonds ensure that the principal (auctioneer) complies with all provisions of Chapter 311-B of the Revised Statutes Annotated of New Hampshire. Violations according to these statutes include:

  • engaging in auctioneer acts without obtaining a license
  • disobeying the code of ethics established by the Board of Auctioneers
  • performing negligent acts that affect any person relying on the licensee
  • using alcohol or drugs while working
  • and more

We can instantly issue this bond for just $450! Get bonded now.

What’s the fine print?

New Hampshire auctioneer surety bonds expire 2 years from the effective date. Any liability accrued prior to the expiration date of the bond remains valid even after said expiration date.

How to become an auctioneer in New Hampshire

To become a licensed auctioneer in New Hampshire, applicants must submit the following materials:

  • application fee
  • completed application, including the applicant’s complete name/address and notarized signatures
  • copy of driver’s license/photo identification
  • $25,000 surety bond with original signatures
  • 2 original recommendations
  • one of the following
    • proof of completion at a recognized auctioneering school (New Hampshire State Auctioneers Exam required)
    • apprenticeship affidavit(s) (New Hampshire State Auctioneers Exam required)
    • letters of good standing (for non-resident applicants applying through reciprocity; no New Hampshire exam required)

More licensing information can be accessed via the Additional Resources section of this page.

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Additional Resources

New Hampshire Secretary of State New Hampshire Board of Auctioneers

New Hampshire Title XXX Occupations and Professions Chapter 311-B Auctioneers

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