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Hunting & Fishing License Bond Guide offers the best service and fastest delivery for hunting and fishing surety bonds. Learn how license bonds work and get a competitive price quote in this guide. 

What Is a Hunting and Fishing License Bond?

A hunting and fishing license bond is required by individuals who sell licenses or guide customers on hunting and fishing trips. Obtaining this surety bond is a legal requirement before you can sell licenses in certain areas. 

How Does a Hunting and Fishing License Bond Work?

Every surety bond binds three parties together to guarantee certain obligations. For hunting/fishing license bonds, the three parties are the following:

  1. Principal: The hunting/fishing license business owner purchasing the bond
  2. Obligee: The government agency requiring the bond
  3. Surety: The insurance company issuing the bond and backing the principal

The surety bond serves as a pledge by the business owner that they will sell licenses according to the law. If a hunting and fishing license vendor fails to uphold the contract terms, the bond protects the obligee and consumers from financial loss. 

How Much Do Hunting & Fishing License Bonds Cost?

The cost of a fishing or hunting license bond is usually a set price but varies by state. For example, the Florida Wildlife Commission requires individuals who sell hunting and fishing licenses to file a $1,000 surety bond starting at $100. Meanwhile, the New Hampshire Fishing and Game Department requires a $10,000 bond which costs $150.

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