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Hunting and Fishing License Bond

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What is a hunting and fishing license bond?

A hunting and fishing license bond is required by individuals who sell licenses or lead customers as guides on hunting and fishing trips. The surety bond must be posted before these individuals can legally sell licenses in certain areas. This bond is similar to the case of lottery vendors, who are required to file a surety bond before they can legally sell lottery tickets.

How does the hunting and fishing license bond work?

A surety bond binds three parties together in order to ensure certain obligations are attained. For hunting/fishing license bonds, the three parties are the following:

  • The principal is the hunting/fishing license business owner purchasing the bond.
  • The obligee is the government agency requiring the bond.
  • The surety is the underwriter issuing the bond.

The purchase of a hunting and fishing license surety bond serves as a pledge by the business owner that he/she will sell hunting and fishing licenses according to the law. By producing the bond, the surety backs up the promise.

In the event a hunting and fishing license vendor fails to uphold to the terms from the surety contract and industry laws, the bond protects the state and/or city and consumers from financial loss. Additionally, hunting and fishing license vendors who fail to maintain this surety bond will not qualify for business licensing, as this bond serves as a requirement.

State specific costs

The Florida Wildlife Commission requires individuals who sell hunting and fishing licenses to post a $1,000 surety bonds starting at $100. The New Hampshire Fishing and Game Department has a requirement to post a $10,000 bond for $150.

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How can I get my hunting and fishing license bond?

There is little risk involved with hunting and fishing license bonds, which means SuretyBonds.com can get you bonded in as little as 24 hours! When ready to purchase the bond, fill out this form. We also offer overnight shipping options for those who need their bond by tomorrow.

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