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Health Club Bond

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Health Club & Studio Bond Guide 

Many states require health club owners and operators to file a surety bond before they can be legally licensed. Learn how bonds work for health clubs, studios and spas in this guide. 

What Is a Health Club Bond?

Health club bonds protect customers from losing prepaid membership fees if a club unexpectedly goes out of business. This type of surety bond is a financial guarantee that binds three parties in a legal contract: 

  1. The principal is the health club owner/operator purchasing the bond.
  2. The obligee is the state agency requiring the bond from the principal.
  3. The surety is the company providing the bond and backing the principal.

This ensures health club industry standards are met and protects members from losing their investments.

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How Much Do Health Club Bonds Cost?

The cost of health club surety bonds varies greatly because bond amounts and regulations are set at the state level. However, premiums typically range between 1% to 7.5% of the bond amount, so a highly qualified applicant may pay just $500 for a $50,000 health studio bond

Additionally, the bond amount is based on the membership packages offered by individual clubs. For example, health clubs in New York are subject to the following bond requirements:

  • $50,000 of coverage if they offer 12-month memberships
  • $100,000 of coverage if they offer 12–24 month memberships
  • $150,000 of coverage if they offer membership contracts lasting up to 36 months

Some states require health studios with multiple locations to post supplementary bonds. Select your location below for more information

What Types of Health Studios Require Surety Bonds?

Several types of health studios with prepaid membership may be required to post a bond with their state, including the following:

  • Bodybuilding clubs
  • General fitness clubs
  • Gyms
  • Personal athletic trainers with their own facilities
  • Racquetball/tennis clubs
  • Self-defense schools
  • Weight loss centers is licensed to issue health club bonds in all 50 states. Apply now for your free quote.  

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