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Sports Promoter Bonds

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MMA Sports Promoter Bond Guide is legally licensed to issue MMA/boxing promoter bonds in all 50 states. Explore our MMA promoter bond guide to learn more about how these bonds work and get a free quote. 

What Is a MMA/Boxing Promoter Bond?

MMA/boxing promoter bonds ensure promoters of combative sporting events meet their payment and performance obligations. The financial guarantee from the bond also provides security to athletes who work with a sports promoter.

Combative sports promoter bonds are known by various other names:

  • Boxing promoter license bond
  • Mixed martial arts bond
  • MMA bond
  • Promoter license surety bond
  • Sports promoter bond

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State-Specific Bond Requirements for Sports Promoters

Sports promoter bond requirements are established at the state level and vary greatly. Select your state for more information on MMA bonds in your area:

Note: Some states require other additional surety bonds for MMA/boxing promoters, such as a match permit bond or a tax bond. Check with your state licensing authority to verify which bond(s) you need. 

How Much Does an MMA Promoter Bond Cost?

The bond amount directly impacts how much a promoter will pay for their bond, along with personal application and financial strength. 

Highly qualified applicants may pay a premium cost of just 1–3% of their total bond amount. This means a standard $10,000 MMA promoter bond could cost $100–$300 for one year of coverage. 

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How Do MMA/Boxing Promoter Bonds Work?

Many states require sports promoters to file a surety bond before they can officially be licensed to promote events. Each MMA/boxing bond functions as a legal contract binding three entities together:

  1. The principal is the promoter purchasing the bond to guarantee their compliance.
  2. The obligee is the government agency requiring the bond to guarantee a certain level of professional performance.
  3. The surety is the provider issuing the bond and backing the principal.

What Does a Sports Promoter Bond Cover?

The sports promoter bond does not protect against injury in the boxing ring and is not insurance. Rather, the bond ensures promoters will follow the state rules outlined in their promoter’s license.

If a promoter fails to meet the bond expectations, the obligee can file a claim to recover losses or collect penalties. For example, if an athlete does not receive appropriate payment of funds from a promoter, the bond can provide financial compensation. 

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