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If you're looking for information on collection agency bonds, you've come to the right place. provides quick, easy and accurate collection agency bonding services. To help you get through the application process, our experienced experts have developed this guide.

Use a quick, easy and accurate surety bond company. makes the bonding process quick and easy for collection agencies. You can reach us at 1 (800) 308-4358 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. You can also fill out an online contact form 24/7, and an experienced surety specialist will contact you ASAP. Once you've completed your application, your surety specialist will shop your bond around with our premier underwriters to ensure get the lowest rate available. You'll get a price quote within one business day.

Get the fastest bonding services available.

At, we know you don't have time to waste. Your surety specialist will issue your bond once your payment has been processed. You&39;ll receive a copy of the bond via e-mail once it's been legally executed. If you need the original form tomorrow, simply choose our overnight shipping option.

Apply for your no credit check collection agency bond!

If you need coverage for $10,000 or less, can approve you instantly without reviewing your credit. Collection agency bonds issued for more than $10,000 worth of coverage do require a credit check, but 85 percent of states require these bonds for $10,000 or less.

Get a cheap collection agency bond for just $100!

Because of their low bonding amounts, these are some of the cheapest bonds to purchase. If you need $10,000 or less of surety insurance coverage, your premium will only be $100, which is lowest possible bonding rate. If your state requires coverage in an amount greater than $10,000, your premium will be slightly higher depending on your credit score and how much coverage you need. The specialists at can find you the most competitive bonding rate available - no matter your credit score.

Surety insurance is valuable to your business.

Most states require collection agencies to get bonded before they can receive their business licenses. These bonds work as do other surety types: by ensuring that professionals do their jobs according to industry regulations. Collection agencies are expected to uphold the terms of their bonds, which vary depending on the legal language each state uses for its form. Generally speaking, these bonds require collection agencies to appropriately handle the money they receive when pursuing outstanding debts. They also require that these funds be routed to the company with the debt outstanding (less any agreed-upon collection fees, which can total as much as 30 percent).

Collection agency bonding regulates your industry.

Each surety bond that's issued functions as a legally binding contract that involves three parties.

  • The principal is the collection agent or agency that purchases the bond.
  • The obligee is the government agency that requires the bond.
  • The surety is the insurance company that issues the bond.

If a collection agency does misappropriate funds, the obligee can seek reimbursement by filing a claim on the agency's bond. If the claim is determined to be valid, the surety must pay reparation up the bond's full amount. The surety will then require reimbursement from the collection agency.

If you have any other questions about collection agency bonds, please call us at (800) 308-4358 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

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