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Collection Agency Bond Guide 

Most states require collection agencies to obtain a surety bond before they can receive their business license. Learn how collection agency bonds work and where to get one in this guide. 

What Is a Bonded Collection Agency?

Collection agencies collect debts and regularly manage sensitive data, such as a consumer’s personal information and financial details. Because of this, a collection agency is regarded as a high-risk company and needs to be bonded. 

What Is a Collection Agency Bond?

A collection agency bond ensures the credibility and dependability of an agency. The surety bond creates a legal contract that ensures collection agencies properly handle money from outstanding debts and ensure the funds are routed to the right company. 

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How Much Does a Collection Agency Bond Cost?

Bond amounts and regulations for collection agency licenses are established at the state level. In 85% of states, collection agencies pay a $100 premium for the required $10,000 bond coverage. If your state requires a different bond amount, your premium will vary depending on the exact value.

For example, collection agencies in New Jersey must buy a $5,000 surety bond for $100 while Florida collection agencies need $50,000 in coverage, starting at $300. 

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How Do Collection Agency Surety Bonds Work?

All surety bonds are legally binding contracts involving three parties:

  1. Obligee: The state department that requires the bond
  2. Principal: The collection agency that purchases the bond
  3. Surety: The provider that issues the bond and backs the principal

If a collection agency misappropriates funds, the obligee can seek reimbursement by filing a claim. The surety must pay reparation for valid claims up to the full bond amount. Then, the surety will seek reimbursement from the collection agency.

How to Obtain a Collection Agency Bond

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