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Guide to Insurance Adjuster Bonds

SuretyBonds.com is legally licensed to issue public adjuster and independent adjuster bonds nationwide. Whether you work in FloridaNew MexicoCalifornia or Illinois, we can help you get the bond you need.

How much do insurance adjuster bonds cost?

The cost of an insurance adjuster bond will vary based on the bond amount, which is typically determined by the licensing authority for the state in which the adjuster is applying. Most insurance adjuster bonds can be purchased instantly online for about 1% of the total bond amount. These bonds are typically lower risk and therefore do not require a credit check.

For more information on surety bonds for insurance adjusters in your state, select your state from list below.

What is an insurance adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is an insurance professional responsible for inspecting damage done to property or the claims filed due to personal injury to determine the amount insurance companies should pay. They can inspect homes, businesses, vehicles and property. Adjusters can also interview witnesses, claimants, other occupational workers who can add expert opinion, and they can perform additional research.

Adjusters put together a report with all the information they gathered including audio, video, pictures, statements, and other documents for claims examiners to evaluate. when an examiner approves a claim, the adjuster then negotiates with the policyholder to settle the claim.

In the event that a claimant contests the outcome of the claim, adjusters will work with attorneys to defend the results of the inspection.

What is the difference between an independent insurance adjuster and a public insurance adjuster?

An independent insurance adjuster is a representative of and acts on behalf of the insurance company with the goal of saving the insurance company as much money as possible when settling claims. They are not employed by the insurance company but are hired on through an outside independent adjuster firm.

Public insurance adjusters are hired by a claimant who pays them a percentage of the settlement for the adjuster to act on their behalf when settling a claim. A claimant who hires an adjuster typically prefers not to rely on the independent insurance adjuster because they wish to get the highest payment possible.

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How to become an insurance adjuster

These steps are general guidelines for becoming an insurance adjuster. The actual steps will vary as license requirements are specific to each state and are subject to their insurance laws.

  • Applicants must take the pre-licensing education and pass the accompanying exam
  • Obtain an insurance adjuster surety bond in the specified amount
  • Fill out and submit all application forms to the respective obligee

Additional Resources

United States Department of Labor: How to Become a Claims Adjuster, Appraiser, Examiner, or Investigator

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Duties of Insurance Adjusters

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